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We can assist you in securing No Credit Check, No Up-Front Fees funding to cover:

Personal Injury Lawsuit Funding.pngLiving & Personal Expenses

Personal Injury Lawsuit Funding.pngRent or Mortgage

Personal Injury Lawsuit Funding.pngChild Care Expenses

Personal Injury Lawsuit Funding.pngCar Note

Personal Injury Lawsuit Funding.pngAutomobile Repairs

Personal Injury Lawsuit Funding.pngGroceries

Personal Injury Lawsuit Funding.pngMedical Bills

Personal Injury Lawsuit Funding.pngSurgery Cost & Fees

Personal Injury Lawsuit Funding.pngor Anything you need. It's your money to use as you want!

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$1,000 to $250,000

If you win or settle

Until your case settles

Easy 1 Day approval

We provide non-recourse (no win-no fee) funding solutions designed to assist personal injury victims in staying afloat during the lengthy litigation process, so they can continue fighting the greedy insurance company or negligent defendant for maximum financial compensation.


Our Funding Solutions can be used for


We're the smart choice for accident victims, lawsuit plaintiffs, & trial lawyers searching for advances on pending lawsuit settlement. Our expertise & significant financial resources sets up miles apart from the competition. Discover why we are the best lawsuit cash advance company.

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Limited finances or the lack of sufficient health coverage shouldn't bar someone from quality medical care. Far too often, personal injury plaintiffs don't have adequate medical insurance to pay from medical treatment our surgery. Our medical treatment settlement funding option may be your best solutions.

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Devastating accidents can result in serious, debilitating, and permanent injuries. Many seriously injured personal injury lawsuit plaintiffs suffer from a loss of personal income due to an inability to work as a result of their circumstances. We can advance your lawsuit financing to pay your bills and other expenses.

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The first step in getting a loan on your personal injury settlement in as little as 1 day is simply filling out our short online application form or calling us to speak with a friendly & knowledgeable funding specialist at 1-888-715-8701.

We Contact Your Law Firm

We move quickly to get cash in your hands faster! As soon as we receive your application for personal injury funding, a friendly specialist from our lawsuit underwriting department will reach out to your law firm to gather some additional information regarding your personal injury case.

Cash in Your Hands

The money is sent to you as soon as we get back the signed contract!

Once we get the requested information from your law firm, we can determine the amount of money to advance you now. Then, a funding representative will call and tell you the amount and the terms of the funding. If you want to follow through with the injury loan, we will fax or email the contract to you and your attorney to review and sign.

As soon as we receive the signed contract, we'll send you the cash advance via bank transfer or FedEx™ overnight delivery.


Noah R.
Decatur, Georgia
I'm sending this email to thank you for expediting my car accident loan application. I'm really impressed. I applied at your website Tuesday morning and the money was wired to my bank that same afternoon. Thanks for delivered on your promise. I wish I didn't have to borrow against my settlement but I had no other choice and no one else to turn to. The funds came just in time for me to get my car back. I'll refer you to my lawyer for her other clients. Thanks again.
Larry A.
Jersey City, New Jersey
I told my paralegal just how amazing you guys are. You loaned me all the money I needed to get my tranny fixed and didn't scam me with a high rate. I initially called another lawsuit lender looking for help before I called you guys but they only wanted to advance me 700 bucks. But I'm glad I decided to call your number after seeing your ad on the internet. Anthony was very helpful and it seems like he really knows what he is doing. I told him my circumstances and case and in 5 minutes he had me preapproved for 2500. He personally handled my application from start to end. Thanks for looking out for me.
Barbara S.
Detroit, Michigan
I'm writing to let you know that Seth has been really great through the entire funding process. He was able to work out a buyout that worked for me and he explained things to me in a simple way. Even though I got approved by two other funding companies, I decided to go with yours because you offered me more money and treated me better. I believe a job well done should be recognized. Please let Seth to know his hard work didn't go unnoticed and I appreciate how kind he was. Have a good day.
Tanya R.
Oakland, California
I got me the money I needed to pay my rent before my landlord was able to evict me and my kids. Thank you.


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Personal Injury Lawsuit Loans

Same Day Lawsuit LoansThe reality of the litigation process is unpleasant.  Personal injury lawsuits can take many months, often years, to come to a final disposition. Far too often, personal injury lawsuit plaintiffs experience serious financial problems and cash flow shortages while waiting for their settlement. 

If you have a pending personal injury case, wherein you sustained serious injuries because of someone else's negligence or careless and you have hired an attorney, we can provide with the financial assistance you need now in the form of a no-risk personal injury lawsuit loan.

Thousands of injured accident victims and lawsuit plaintiffs looking to borrow money from a pending lawsuit have turn to our pre-settlement funding company for lawsuit cash advance loans.

Our personal injury loan program is fast and easy.  Plus, we don't do a credit check.  We are not concerned with your credit score or credit history. If you have a good case and have an injury lawyer representing you, then you are free to apply for a lawsuit cash advance loan from $1,000 to $250,000. The amount of personal injury funding we will ultimately advance you is based upon the particular facts surrounding your case. Don't delay in getting the help you desperately need, act now! As soon as we receive your application, we can get started by immediately contacting your law firm to gather some additional information regarding your pending personal injury claim.

Lawsuit Cash Advance Loans

Lawsuit Cash Advance LoansA personal injury loan is not a traditional bank loan. There's no employment requirements and no monthly payments.  This type of financial lending is classified as pre-settlement funding.

Pre-settlement funding is simply a risk-free cash advance against a lawsuit that's designed to help lawsuit plaintiffs stay afloat financially while they are waiting for the settlement money from their lawsuit. If you need stressing over your bills and other obligations then a lawsuit cash advance today can help you and your family stay afloat.  It's your case.  Get the money you need today!

Best Pre-Settlement Loan Company

Lawsuit cash advance companyWe've been helping injury plaintiffs for almost 20 years, so we have a pretty good idea of what you are struggling with at the moment. Because of this deep level of understand, along with our extensive experience and significant financial resources, we are probably in the best position to work with you and your law firm in providing responsible pre-settlement lawsuit lending. That's probably why we have been consistently rated alongside the best pre-settlement lawsuit companies in the United States.

Don't delay in getting the lawsuit cash advance loan you need today by calling us now to put an application in.  Although our lawsuit lending programs are designed help you pay your bills and other expenses, they can also aid you in getting a larger settlement by empowering you to continue fighting the greedy insurance company for all the money you deserve for your pain and suffering.

Don't let the greedy insurance company win by accepting their low-ball insurance settlement offer of pennies on the dollar.  A loan on your lawsuit settlement can financially employer you and your personal injury attorney to continue fighting for the maximum compensation. Furthermore, it can also give your attorney all the time needed to get your case ready for trial.

Your search in finding a fast and easy pre settlement funding company ends here! Get in touch with us now so we can get started on your lawsuit cash advance application.